Facility names

Boot facilities are used to indicate dependencies in init scripts, as defined in a previous section. Facility names that begin with a dollar sign ('$') are system facility names, defined by the LSB, and MUST be provided by distributions. LSB applications must not provide system facilities. This document defines the following system facility names:

$local_fsall local filesystems are mounted
$networklow level networking (ethernet card; may imply PCMCIA running)
$namednamed is operational
$remote_fsall remote filesystems are mounted (note in some cases /usr may be remote. Most applications that care will probably require both $local_fs and $remote_fs)
$syslogsystem logger is operational
$netdaemonsall network daemons are running

Other (non-system) facilities may be defined by other LSB applications. These facilities shall be named using the same conventions defined for naming init.d script names. Commonly, the facility provided by an LSB application init.d script will have the same name as the name assigned to the init.d script.