batch -- execute commands when the system load permits


The specification for batch is as specified in the Single UNIX Specification but with the following differences as listed below.


The files at.allow and at.deny reside in /etc rather than /usr/lib/cron.

LSB Deprecated Differences

The behaviors specified in this section are expected to disappear from a future version of the LSB; applications should only use the non-LSB-deprecated behaviors.

-f file

reads the job from file rather than standard input.


sends mail to the user when the job has completed even if there was no output.

-q queue

uses the specified queue. A queue designation consists of a single letter; valid queue designations range from a to z. and A to Z. The a queue is the default for at and the b queue for batch. Queues with higher letters run with increased niceness. The special queue "=" is reserved for jobs which are currently running.


prints the version number to standard error.


shows the time the job will be executed.