chgrp -- change group ownership


chgrp [OPTION]... GROUP FILE...
chgrp [OPTION]... --reference=RFILE FILE...


chgrp is as specified in the Single UNIX Specification but with differences as listed below.

LSB Deprecated Differences

The behaviors specified in this section are expected to disappear from a future version of the LSB; applications should only use the non-LSB-deprecated behaviors.

-c, --changes

is like verbose, but reports only when a change is made.


affects the referent of each symbolic link, rather than the symbolic link itself.

-h, --no-dereference

affects symbolic links instead of any referenced file. (Available only on systems that can change the ownership of a symlink.)

-f, --silent, --quiet

suppresses most error messages.


uses RFILE's group rather than the specified GROUP value.

-v, --verbose

outputs a diagnostic for every file processed.


outputs version information and exit.