install -- copy files and set attributes


install [OPTION]... SOURCE DEST           (1st format)
install [OPTION]... SOURCE... DIRECTORY   (2nd format)
install -d [OPTION]... DIRECTORY...       (3rd format)


In the first two formats, copy SOURCE to DEST or multiple SOURCE(s) to the existing DIRECTORY, while setting permission modes and owner/group. In the third format, create all components of the given DIRECTORY(ies).

Standard Options


makes a backup of each existing destination file.


is like --backup, but does not accept an argument.

-d, --directory

treats all arguments as directory names; creates all components of the specified directories.


creates all leading components of DEST except the last, then copies SOURCE to DEST; useful in the 1st format.

-g, --group=GROUP

sets group ownership, instead of process' current group.

-m, --mode=MODE

sets permission mode (as in chmod), instead of rwxr-xr-x.

-o, --owner=OWNER

sets ownership (super-user only).

-p, --preserve-timestamps

applies access/modification times of SOURCE files to corresponding destination files.

-s, --strip

strips symbol tables, only for 1st and 2nd formats.

-S, --suffix=SUFFIX

overrides the usual backup suffix.


prints the name of each directory as it is created.