Interfaces Definitions for libpam

Table of Contents
pam_acct_mgmt -- establish the status of a user's account
pam_authenticate -- authenticate the user
pam_chauthtok -- change the authentication token for a given user
pam_close_session -- indicate that an authenticated session has ended
pam_end -- terminate the use of the PAM library
pam_fail_delay -- specify delay time to use on authentication error
pam_get_item -- obtain the value of the indicated item.
pam_getenvlist -- returns a pointer to the complete PAM environment.
pam_open_session -- used to indicate that an authenticated session has been initiated
pam_set_item -- (re)set the value of an item.
pam_setcred -- set the module-specific credentials of the user
pam_start -- initialize the PAM library
pam_strerror -- returns a string describing the PAM error