pr -- split a file into sections determined by context lines


pr is as specified in the Single UNIX Specification but with differences as listed below.

LSB Deprecated Differences

The behaviors specified in this section are expected to disappear from a future version of the LSB; applications should only use the non-LSB-deprecated behaviors.


has unspecified behavior.

-c, --show-control-chars

uses hat notation (^G) and octal backslash notation.

-J, --join-lines

merges full lines, turns off -W line truncation, no column alignment.

-N NUMBER, --first-line-number=NUMBER

starts counting with NUMBER at 1st line of first page printed.

-S[STRING], --sep-string=[=STRING]

separates columns by an optional STRING, doesn't use -S "STRING", -S only: No separator used without -S.

-T, --omit-pagination

omits page headers and trailers, eliminates any pagination by form feeds set in input files.

-v, --show-nonprinting

uses octal backslash notation.

-W PAGE_WIDTH, --page-width=PAGE_WIDTH

sets page width to PAGE_WIDTH (72) characters always, truncates lines, except -J option is set, no interference with -S or -s.


displays this help and exits.


outputs version information and exits.