2.2. Interfaces for libz

Table 2-1 defines the library name and shared object name for the libz library

Table 2-1. libz Definition


The behavior of the interfaces in this library is specified by the following specifications:

this specification

2.2.1. Compression Library Interfaces for Compression Library

An LSB conforming implementation shall provide the generic functions for Compression Library specified in Table 2-2, with the full mandatory functionality as described in the referenced underlying specification.

Table 2-2. libz - Compression Library Function Interfaces

adler32 [1]deflateInit2_ [1]gzerror [1]gzrewind [1]inflateReset [1]
compress [1]deflateInit_ [1]gzflush [1]gzseek [1]inflateSetDictionary [1]
compress2 [1]deflateParams [1]gzgetc [1]gzsetparams [1]inflateSync [1]
compressBound [1]deflateReset [1]gzgets [1]gztell [1]inflateSyncPoint [1]
crc32 [1]deflateSetDictionary [1]gzopen [1]gzwrite [1]uncompress [1]
deflate [1]get_crc_table [1]gzprintf [1]inflate [1]zError [1]
deflateBound [1]gzclose [1]gzputc [1]inflateEnd [1]zlibVersion [1]
deflateCopy [1]gzdopen [1]gzputs [1]inflateInit2_ [1] 
deflateEnd [1]gzeof [1]gzread [1]inflateInit_ [1] 

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