1.6. Interfaces for libSM

Table 1-11 defines the library name and shared object name for the libSM library

Table 1-11. libSM Definition


The behavior of the interfaces in this library is specified by the following specifications:

X11 Session Management

1.6.1. Session Management Functions Interfaces for Session Management Functions

An LSB conforming implementation shall provide the generic functions for Session Management Functions specified in Table 1-12, with the full mandatory functionality as described in the referenced underlying specification.

Table 1-12. libSM - Session Management Functions Function Interfaces

SmFreeProperty [1]SmcOpenConnection [1]SmsCleanUp [1]SmsRegisterClientReply [1]
SmFreeReasons [1]SmcProtocolRevision [1]SmsClientHostName [1]SmsReturnProperties [1]
SmcClientID [1]SmcProtocolVersion [1]SmsClientID [1]SmsSaveComplete [1]
SmcCloseConnection [1]SmcRelease [1]SmsDie [1]SmsSaveYourself [1]
SmcDeleteProperties [1]SmcRequestSaveYourself [1]SmsGenerateClientID [1]SmsSaveYourselfPhase2 [1]
SmcGetIceConnection [1]SmcRequestSaveYourselfPhase2 [1]SmsGetIceConnection [1]SmsSetErrorHandler [1]
SmcGetProperties [1]SmcSaveYourselfDone [1]SmsInitialize [1]SmsShutdownCancelled [1]
SmcInteractDone [1]SmcSetErrorHandler [1]SmsInteract [1] 
SmcInteractRequest [1]SmcSetProperties [1]SmsProtocolRevision [1] 
SmcModifyCallbacks [1]SmcVendor [1]SmsProtocolVersion [1] 

Referenced Specification(s)