__ctype_tolower_loc -- accessor function for __ctype_b_tolower array for ctype tolower() function


#include <ctype.h>

int32_t * * __ctype_tolower_loc(void);


The __ctype_tolower_loc() function shall return a pointer into an array of characters in the current locale that contains lower case equivalents for each character in the current character set. The array shall contain a total of 384 characters, and can be indexed with any signed or unsigned char (i.e. with an index value between -128 and 255). If the application is multithreaded, the array shall be local to the current thread.

This interface is not in the source standard; it is only in the binary standard.

Return Value

The __ctype_tolower_loc() function shall return a pointer to the array of characters to be used for the ctype() family of functions (see <ctype.h>).