png_set_text -- stores information for image comments


#include <png.h>

void png_set_text(png_structp png_ptr, png_infop info_ptr, png_textp text_ptr, int num_text);


png_set_text() shall store information for image comments given in text_ptr to info_ptr. text_ptr is an array of size "num_text" of png_text structure whose member fields include: compression - type of compression used on text. Supported values are: PNG_TEXT_COMPRESSION_NONE PNG_TEXT_COMPRESSION_zTXt PNG_ITXT_COMPRESSION_NONE PNG_ITXT_COMPRESSION_zTXt key - keyword for comment. Must contain 1-79 characters. text - text comments for current keyword. Maybe NULL or empty. text_length - length of text string after decompression. Must be 0 for iTXt itxt_length - length of itxt string after decompression. Must be 0 for tEXt/zTXt lang - language of comment. May be NULL or empty if language is unknown. lang_key - translated keyword in UTF-8 coding. Maybe NULL or empty.