Chapter 2. Normative References

The specifications listed below are referenced in whole or in part by the LSB Languages specification. Such references may be normative or informative; a reference to specification shall only be considered normative if it is explicitly cited as such. The LSB Languages specification may make normative references to a portion of these specifications (that is, to define a specific function or group of functions); in such cases, only the explicitly referenced portion of the specification is to be considered normative.

Table 2-1. Informative References

Perl Core ModulesPerl 5.8.8 Core Modules
Perl FunctionsPerl 5.8.8 Functions
Perl Language ReferencePerl 5.8.8 Language Reference
Perl ManualPerl 5.8.8 Manual Page
Perl OperatorsPerl 5.8.8 Operators and Precedence
Perl SyntaxPerl 5.8.8 Syntax
Python Library ReferencePython Library Reference Release 2.4.2
Python Reference ManualPython Reference Manual Release 2.4.2