Chapter 5. Documentation Conventions

Throughout this document, the following typographic conventions are used:


the name of a function


the name of a command or utility


a constant value


a parameter


a variable

Throughout this specification, several tables of interfaces are presented. Each entry in these tables has the following format:


the name of the interface


An optional symbol version identifier, if required.


A reference number indexing the table of referenced specifications that follows this table.

For example,

forkpty(GLIBC_2.0) [SUSv4]

refers to the interface named forkpty() with symbol version GLIBC_2.0 that is defined in the reference indicated by the tag SUSv4.

Note: For symbols with versions which differ between architectures, the symbol versions are defined in the architecture specific parts of of this module specification only. In the generic part, they will appear without symbol versions.