8.2. ELF Header

8.2.1. Machine Information

LSB-conforming applications shall use the Machine Information as defined in Intel® Itanium™ Processor-specific Application Binary Interface, Chapter 4. Implementations shall support the LP64 model. It is unspecified whether or not the ILP32 model shall also be supported. File Class

For LP64 relocatable objects, the file class value in e_ident[EI_CLASS] may be either ELFCLASS32 or ELFCLASS64, and a conforming linker must be able to process either or both classes. Data Encoding

Implementations shall support 2's complement, little endian data encoding. The data encoding value in e_ident[EI_DATA] shall contain the value ELFDATA2LSB. OS Identification

The OS Identification field e_ident[EI_OSABI] shall contain the value ELFOSABI_NONE. Processor Identification

The processor identification value held in e_machine shall contain the value EM_IA_64. Processor Specific Flags

The flags field e_flags shall be as described in Intel® Itanium™ Processor-specific Application Binary Interface, Chapter

The following additional processor-specific flags are defined:

Table 8-1. Additional Processor-Specific Flags



The stack and heap sections are executable. If this flag is not set, code can not be executed from the stack or heap.