fstatfs64 -- (deprecated)


#include <sys/statfs.h>

int fstatfs64(int fd, struct statfs64 * buf);


The fstatfs64() function returns information about a mounted file system. The file system is identified by fd, a file descriptor of an open file within the mounted filesystem. The results are placed in the structure pointed to by buf.

Fields that are undefined for a particular file system shall be set to 0.

fstatfs64() is a large-file version of the fstatfs() function.

Note: Application developers should use the fstatvfs64() function to obtain general file system information. Applications should only use the fstatfs64() function if they must determine the file system type, which need not be provided by fstatvfs64().

Return Value

On success, the fstatfs64() function shall return 0 and set the fields of the structure idenfitied by buf accordingly. On error, the fstatfs64() function shall return -1 and set errno accordingly.


See fstatfs().