gethostbyname_r -- find network host database entry matching host name (DEPRECATED)


int gethostbyname_r(const char * restrict name, struct hostent * restrict result_buf, char * restrict buf, size_t buflen, struct hostent ** restrict result, int * restrict h_errnop);


Note: The gethostbyname_r() function is deprecated; applications should use getaddrinfo() instead.

gethostbyname_r() is a reentrant version of gethostbyname() that searches the network host database for a host name match.

The gethostbyname_r() function shall search the network host database for an entry with name name.

The application must provide a buffer for the gethostbyname_r() to use during the lookup process. The buffer is referenced by buf, and is of size buflen. If the buffer is not of sufficient size, gethostbyname_r() may fail and return ERANGE. If a matching entry is found in the database, gethostbyname_r() shall copy the relevant information to the application supplied hostent structure referenced by result_buf, and return a pointer to this structure in *result. If no matching entry is found, *result shall be set to a null pointer. Additional error information shall be set in the variable referenced by h_errnop.

Return Value

On success, the gethostbyname_r() function shall return zero. If the return value was ERANGE, the size of the buffer buf, indicated by buflen, was too small. If the gethostbyname_r() function returns returns any other value, then the variable referenced by h_errnop shall be set to indicate the cause as for gethostbyname().