svc_register -- register Remote Procedure Call interface


#include <rpc/rpc.h>

bool_t svc_register(SVCXPRT * xprt, rpcprog_t prognum, rpcvers_t versnum, __dispatch_fn_t dispatch, rpcprot_t protocol);


The svc_register() function shall associate the program identified by prognum at version versnum with the service dispatch procedure, dispatch. If protocol is zero, the service is not registered with the portmap service. If protocol is non-zero, then a mapping of the triple [prognum, versnum, protocol] to xprt->xp_port is established with the local portmap service. The procedure dispatch has the following form:

int dispatch(struct svc_req * request, SVCXPRT * xprt);

Return Value

svc_register() returns 1 if it succeeds, and zero otherwise.